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Come make your Wedding wines and more with us!!

We are thrilled to be able to offer your very own custom wine for whatever your occasion may be;

 Wedding, Corporate Party, Christmas Party and more!



Making wine for your wedding is definitely a great way save money and to add a personal touch to your big day with custom made wine and labels to match.

We suggest making your wine 4-6 months ahead to allow for aging time.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you find wines within your budget. 


We offer discounts if you intend to make four or more batches of wine and can also host a private bottling party for your group! Personalize your wine with customizable labels and make it even more memorable! We recommend that you start your wine at least 6 months before the event date so that the wine can properly age in the bottle before being served. We have the latest equipment to make your bottling experience fun and enjoyable.

At your next event, whether it be a wedding, reunion, or even a business meeting, make an impression by serving wine, or give wine as parting gifts to commemorate the occasion

Other Occasion


The gift of craft wine with custom personalized labels is an excellent way to say “Thank You” and is also very cost effective! It is also a great way to advertise your company and get your name out there. Whether it is a gift for an employee or a gift for your customers, we can make the perfect touch for whatever you need.


When event planning, there are a lot of things to consider. Here's some of the things you should be thinking about in terms of wine to help you along.

Is Wine Allowed at the Venue?

Confirm with the location you have chosen that they allow you to bring your own wine. If they do, you should find out if there is a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a service charge for serving the wine, and is usually charged by-the-bottle. If the venue charges a corkage fee, let us know and we can order and use larger bottles to help reduce your costs.

Do I Need a Liquor License?

You will need to apply for a Special Occasion License if you intend to serve wine outside of an AGLC -licensed establishment. Visit AGLC for details. No license is required if you intend to give the wine away as favours or parting gifts.

What Kind of Wine do I Want for my Event?

The type of wine you choose should pair well with the food you plan on serving. If you would like a little help selecting the perfect pairing, check out our online pairing guide or get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to help.

How Much Wine will I Need?

Use the equation below to determine how many 750ml bottles you need. Remember not to count non-drinking guests (such as children). A typical wedding is 4 batches of wine (30 bottles per batch, 120 bottles total) with 2 batches of red and 2 batches of white. It is always better to have more wine than you think you will need. Extra wine bottles make excellent gifts for your guests and can also be used for related events (such as extra wedding bottles used at showers or bachelor parties).

# of 750ml bottles needed = (# of guests x 2 glasses per guest) / 4 glasses per bottle.

 Divide this by 30 to determine how many batches you'll need to brew.

A bottle of wine with a customized label makes a wonderful keepsake for your wedding and is a great way to say thank you to your friends and family. Some people prefer to purchase 375 ml bottles for this. Smaller bottles should give you approximately 60 bottles instead of 30 which allows your wine to go further as gifts.

Packages Coming Soon!!!!

Contact us if you have an upcoming event!!!

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