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Wine kits Costs

We have various price points for you to choose from. Our wine list will indicate which category your favorite variety is available in! 

All kits make 23l of exceptional wine... That's 28-30 bottles of delicious quality wine at $5-$12/bottle!

Gold Medallion 

7 litre Concentrate


Per kit

White or Red wine kits

100% Pure Juice Kits

White or Red


Per kit

Great value, most kits come with additional

 oak/raisin/real fruit packs

Gold Medallion Fruit Wine

7 litre Concentrate


Per Kit

Many fruit varieties to choose from

Limited Premium/Varietial Select

16 and 23 litre options


Per kit

Region Specific Varietal Juices in a Class all their own. Rich, robust and full bodied wines are sure to enhance any ambiance.

Winery Fee 

Kits made in store


Per kit

Don't have the space or time at home? Let us make your wine for you in-store!! We'll do all the work and take care of the mess and heavy lifting. Winery fee includes Custom Labels, corks and toppers. Bottles not included

Premium Elite

16 litre Semi-Concentrate


Per Kit

White or Red wine kits

Grape Skins Collection

16 and 23litre options


Per kit

Includes 4kg of unspent grape skins, producing wines of unmeasurable quality, raising the standard of excellence.

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